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Elite Tutoring Place of Evansville

517 North Green River Road
Evansville, IN 47715
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  • Monday-Thursday 2:30-9:30
  • Friday 2:30-6:30
  • Saturday 9:30-3:30
  • Sunday by appointment only

Welcome to Elite Tutoring Place of Evansville

Our instructors tutor all academic subjects from Pre-Kindergarten to High School, including Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, ACT/SAT preparation and beyond.

Whatever the subject, our instructors at Elite Tutoring Place are able to guide students while helping them to accomplish each educational objective.

In addition, we know that building a strong foundation in academics requires that students possess strong study skills and our programs are designed to successfully address this important skill set.

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Evansville - K-12 Subject Tutoring

We offer comprehensive, in-person tutoring services in Evansville, across all subjects and at all levels, from kindergarten through high school. Whether your student is struggling with first grade reading or AP English, we have a solution.

Early Learning / Kindergarten

Elementary School Tutoring

Middle School Tutoring

Junior School Tutoring

High School Tutoring

College Admissions

Evansville - Test Preparation

Elite Tutoring Place is here to help you with a wide range of subject and Standardized test with our comprehensive, in-person test prep programs that bring great results.

K-8 Test Preparation in Evansville

  • HPST Preparation
  • ISEE/SAT Preparation

Highschool Test Preparation in Evansville

  • ACT & SAT Preparation
  • PSAT Preparation
  • AP Preparation

Other Standardized Test in Evansville

  • GED Preparation
  • College Math Placement Preparation
  • ASVAB Preparation
  • CogAT/NWEA MAP Preparation
  • PARCC/IAR/STATE Preparation